We are a group of Palestinian youth seeking to meet our community needs in various field like education, humanitarian acts and many other fields that enhances the lives of Palestinian students, graduates and those who are in need.

We operate exclusively in Gaza Strip.

  • To strengthen civil society through our comprehensive creative education students' training program and the development of best practices as part of our ongoing community initiatives. The YOU FIRST GAZA is unlike a conventional team since we will focus mostly on developing teachers, students, and environmental interactions rather than on traditional lectures.
  • To promote skills through newly available electronic learning materials as well as exposing students to best practices through our teacher training courses. We will work to continually evaluate the usefulness of program elements and constantly adjust operations for maximum effectiveness. Ultimately, this program will serve as an example and a model for other developmental institutions and promote wide-ranging collaboration between educational organizations, on both a local and a national level.
  • To provide humanitarian aids for the families who need help and participate in all aspects of community assistance according to the needs of the community.

We totally depend on generous donations. 

Like any other thing in the world, we had a beginning and it was in 2016 when a group of graduates took the decision to start their own project in their field of expertise until today.

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